Learn how your bank looks to…


Tracking customer experience leads to…

Increased Cross-sell

home-block-first-img Many customers need more services from you — but may not know how to tell you.

Reduced Attrition

home-block-second-img 11% of customers changed banks last year. You need to catch them before they go.

Reduced Costs

home-block-last-img Visualize where to prioritize spending for the most impact on overall growth.

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Leading community banks are serious about measuring customer experience.

  • 96% of banks say that customer experience is a priority, but only 40% actually make it a priority.
  • CX leaders stand out: they outperform the CX laggards by 79%
  • A CX leader in an industry will outgrow its competitors by more than 2X
  • 86% of consumers will pay more for a better experience, but only 1% of companies meet expectations
  • The #1 priority innovation project across companies is customer experience.

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The R.O.I. of managing the customer experience

Even a modest increase in satisfaction can have dramatic impacts on your bottom line:




There is additional ROI for increased long-term loyalty, cross sell and word-of-mouth marketing

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What Our Clients Have to Say…

“This is absolutely brilliant, very well designed” – Community Bank CMO using the results to improve marketing ROI.

“Your reports are of great value to us, and you are doing a great service for the banking industry” – CMO of a Community Bank

“We are enamored with your product. It gives us just what we need to grow.”  — CEO of a major New York credit union

“Your benchmarking survey results have helped drive a lot of our marketing messages both internally and externally and will continue to do so in 2019” — VP Marketing at Community Bank

“Originally, we did not have room in our budget for this.  But we figured out that the consortium model will cost us a fraction of what it would cost to do it ourselves, and the results are objective, and you have norms.” — EVP of Retail and Digital, Mid-size Community Bank

“This is reassuring as well as eye-opening. The benchmark confirms that we are as strong at servicing as we thought, but also shows how much work we have to do in improving our digital tools.” — CEO, Large Community Bank

“At first we were going to pass on the research because it was not in our budget and we were going to have to wait until next year.  But since we are going through a complete Core Conversion next year we really needed to start a baseline of our customers before the changes start impacting them.  The cost was really not much.” — Customer Experience Leader, Community Bank