The Prospect Benchmark®

Customer Experience Solutions, LLC conducts a comprehensive scientific statewide survey of bank users twice per year, in Q2 and Q4. The Prospect Benchmark focuses on how your prospects (non-customers) view your bank and how you might gain their business. 

We would be happy to provide information on your bank; please contact us by email at or by phone at 203-906-8923 to request a copy of your report or to discuss subscription options.

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Prospect Benchmark® Overview

The Benchmark helps you to grow new business by:

  • Revealing exactly what local non-customers (retail and commercial) think of their current bank
  • Identifying the key local factors driving bank choice
  • Distinguishing specific pain points with their current bank that you can utilize to win them over
  • Prioritizing products and pathways to attract new customers
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

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Topic Coverage

  • What is the awareness and consideration of my bank by prospects in my local target market?
  • How do prospects rank us against the competition in overall quality, customer service, technology and tools, convenience?
  • How strong is our reputation in the market among non-customers?
  • How much do potential customers appreciate our contribution to the local community?
  • How loyal or vulnerable are the customers of competitor banks in my area?
  • What are the banking habits and attitudes of potential customers in my market?
  • What are the specific pain points that customers at competitive banks are feeling?
  • What will make potential customers leave their current bank?
  • Which bank products are potential customers currently shopping for?
  • Where do potential customers look for information on new bank products?

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The Customer Benchmark covers the entire banked population in Fairfield County for both retail and commercial (small business and middle market) customers.


The survey is conducted by online random sample, representative of the state population


Independently managed, honest and unbiased results


Utilizes proprietary analytic method that has been developed from 20+ years of experience and 800 million+ surveys

Data size

Statewide, the Customer Benchmarks include over 40,000 reviews per year.


Subscription includes 2 updated reports per year, in Q2 and Q4


Collective subscription model provides the insight at small fraction of the actual cost. A single year subscription includes 2 reports. Contact us for pricing.

Statistical Testing

Results are included for each bank with a significant sample size (additional banks with smaller samples may be added).
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