Community Banks and Credit Unions Can Gain Market Share with 1.24M Households in Play

Community banks and credit unions have a lot of opportunity to grow their market share, according to our most recent benchmarks. Whether it’s through growing loyalty or demonstrating a better understanding of gender differentiation in bank marketing,  opportunity abounds.

In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, there has been a sharp rise in the amount of market share in play. A shocking 1.24 million households across New Jersey and Pennsylvania are currently looking for a new bank. Two-thirds of bank customers in this region are up for grabs. This represents enormous potential for the savvy community bank or credit union manager who takes the time to understand why they’re unhappy where they are – and of course, it represents a big risk for those institutions that will be losing more than their fair share of current customers.

The most important differentiator community banks and credit unions have is their ability to deliver an excellent customer experience. When bank customers feel valued, listened to, and cared about at their bank, not even better rates can pull them away. This isn’t just speculation – it’s backed up by the numbers. Just like today’s retail consumer and today’s traveler, today’s bank customer is willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

What Does Today’s Bank Customer Want?

Our benchmarks are a massive scientific study across several states in which we interview hundreds of thousands of consumers and businesses about the banking institutions they use, asking them to evaluate each of the banks and credit unions they use on 53 different metrics. Today’s bank customer:

  • Expects your community bank or credit union to have the best technology and be as innovative as big banks
  • To deliver a more personal and more customized experience in which they feel known, recognized, and valued
  • To have a consistent experience across all touchpoints

What Don’t Bank Customers Want?

Bank customers don’t want runaround. They expect your staff to know how to use all of your product. They don’t want to repeat themselves because they called in, then visited a branch. They don’t want to work with poorly trained staff who can’t answer their questions. Read more about avoiding customer flight in the winter 2019 edition of Banking Mid Atlantic.

You Can’t Take Advantage of the Opportunity without Knowing Where You Stand

Our latest benchmarks make one thing clear: There is a lot of opportunity for community banks and credit unions to grow, but it’s going to take not only delivering on customer experience but knowing where your bank stands in comparison to your competition. When you know what your customers and prospects think of your bank, you can make informed decisions to attract more loyal banking customers. Request your benchmarks now.