“Your reports are of great value to us, and you are doing a great service for the banking industry” – CMO of a Community Bank

“We are enamored with your product. It gives us just what we need to grow.”  — CEO of a major New York credit union

“Originally, we did not have room in our budget for this.  But we figured out that the consortium model will cost us a fraction of what it would cost to do it ourselves, and the results are objective, and you have norms.”— Customer Experience Leader, Community Bank

“This is reassuring as well as eye-opening. The benchmark confirms that we are as strong at servicing as we thought, but also shows how much work we have to do in improving our digital tools.” — CEO, Large Community Bank

“At first we were going to pass on the research because it was not in our budget and we were going to have to wait until next year.  But since we are going through a complex Core Conversion next year we really needed to start a baseline of our customers before the changes start impacting them.  The cost was really not much.” — EVP of Retail and Digital, Mid-size Community Bank

“This will give our loan officers more confidence about our loan process. We were concerned that loan applicants were putting the blame on us for all of the delays, instead of the regulations.” — President, Small Community Bank

“Of course we need this information. Our entire organization is starving for data about how our customers perceive our products and services. Without it we would be at a competitive disadvantage.” — CMO, Regional Bank

“We did not want to divert any money from our marketing spend to track awareness and consideration.  Now that we do, we are much smarter with our ad spend since we know exactly how the billboards affect awareness compared to the TV spots we ran.  We ended up saving much more on marketing than we spent on the benchmarks.  That is not really what we were expecting but it is what we call a happy outcome.” — EVP Strategy, Large Regional Bank

“We are doing a town-by-town expansion so it is very helpful for us to see what prospects in a new market think of us before and after we arrive.” — SVP, Retail Banking and Marketing, Mid-size Community Bank

“We used to be seen as quite behind in technology—good at service but with a bad reputation in online and mobile. Now that we are investing heavily in improving, this periodic intelligence will show us how well the investment is paying off for customers and potential customers.” — EVP, CMO, Regional Bank

We knew we were good at service, but did not realize how far behind we were in technology.  I guess it is better to know the truth than not.” — Marketing Officer, Small Community Bank

“I have a lot more confidence in direct customer feedback than our secret shopper data. It just makes more sense to know what our customers think of us rather than what some underpaid mystery shopper does.” — CMO, Regional Bank

“We are developing and rolling out several new products in the next 18 months. This periodic feedback will show us if we are doing it right.” — CEO, Regional Bank