Top Ten Banks for Customer Service in New York Ranked in Latest Customer Benchmark Survey by Customer Experience Solutions

WESTPORT, Conn.–Customer Experience Solutions (CESCX), an independent research and consulting firm, has released the latest Customer Service rankings for New York banks from its Customer Benchmark, a large-scale study of bank customers in each county. The study was conducted in July 2017 and provides a fresh look into a very competitive banking market.

“In this ranking, we can see the impact of the most recent managed services changes several of the banks have undertaken as well as the new customer-facing approach others have implemented. Each bank will be eager to see how they are trending, especially against their key competitors.”

The CESCX New York Benchmark studies include over 75,891 specific evaluations by retail and commercial banking customers who gave in-depth feedback about the banks they use in terms of service, technology, policies, overall quality, and their likelihood to switch banks.

With the Customer Benchmark, banks can compare their own performance across different geographies, across channels and across products. Moreover, banks can compare themselves

“We received over 70,000 objective ratings by customers of New York banks. The top-ranked banks for Customer Service should be proud of this achievement in such a competitive market,” said Bruce Paul, President and CEO of CESCX. “Customers choose to stay with or leave a bank based on their people, products and tools, problem solving, and policies. By achieving such high ratings for customer service, these banks will surely benefit in customer retention, growth and word-of-mouth referrals.”

CESCX conducts the Customer Benchmark survey semi-annually. Banks use the data to track changes in their own performance and their positioning versus their competition. CESCX is a paid subscription service available in December and June each year. CESCX offers subscription to two different semi-annual Benchmark reports:

(1)The Customer Benchmark measures how a bank’s own customers evaluate their service and compares these results to competitor ratings.
(2)The Prospect Benchmark reports how the bank’s non-customers (prospects) view them so a bank can learn what it would take for these prospects to switch from their current bank.

We would be happy to provide information on your bank; please contact us by email at or by phone at 203-906-8923 to request a copy of your report or to discuss subscription options.

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Customer Experience Solutions, LLC is a Connecticut-based research and consulting company that specializes in customer experience intelligence for the banking industry. Our main goals are to help banks improve their customer loyalty and new customer acquisition, and therefore improve their market share.


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